• Smt D. Suguna

Profile of our Managing Trustee

Smt D. Suguna is the Founder/Managing Trustee of G.R.G Foundations and Pioneer trust. She is the daughter of prominent industrialist and philanthropist, Cav.Dr.G.K Devarajulu and the daughter-in-law of the successful and eminent educationist Sri .G.R. Govindarajulu. She has been nurtured and well groomed, through the years.

Rich and varied has been our Founder trustee’s experience in the educational field for the past five decades ranging from Kindergarten to Higher Secondary and from Polytechnic to Post Graduate Studies and Teacher Education.

She received her basic education from the famous and age old, Stanes High School and St. Francis Convent and her collegiate education from Nirmala College. The Values of life and the role that education plays in building up these values, means a lot to her.

Her Commitment to the cause of education is exemplary with her Watchwords-”Devotion, Dedication and Discipline”.

She is a great Philanthropist contributing to society for various causes. From education to health many have been her beneficiaries.

“The greatness of a man is complete only when his contributions to his motherland are greater than what he had consumed from his motherland”.

One such personality is our Managing Trustee.

“ Let us remember: One book, one pen,

one child and one teacher can change the world. ”



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