• Mrs. Gayathri Shivakumar

Correspondent's Desk

Smt.Gayathri Shivakumar is the Correspondent of G R G Matriculation Higher Secondary School. She has been nurtured and well groomed, through the years. Rich and varied has been our Correspondent’s experience in the education field for the past five decades ranging from Kindergarten to Higher Secondary. She received her basic education from the famous and age-old, St. Francis Convent and she is an alumni of this very school. She received her collegiate education from PSGR Krishnammal College and from London City College. The values of life and the role that education plays in building up these values, means a lot to her.

Correspondent's Message

“As the proud school correspondent of our esteemed institution, which boasts a rich legacy spanning over five decades, I am honoured to uphold and promote the values and achievements that define us. With a profound commitment to Academic Excellence, Holistic development and Nurturing future Leaders, our School has carved a niche in the Educational Landscape. Guided by a vision of fostering Intellectual curiosity and Instilling values of Integrity and Resilience, we continuously strive to empower our students with the knowledge and Skills necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving world, dedicated to cultivate a vibrant community where each student is encouraged to explore their potential and contribute meaningfully to Society.”

Education is the elixir of life.

Knowledge discovers ; imagination invents.

The only textbooks needed are the heart and the mind.

The only exam to be written is the key to ponder into wonder.

Wisdom is the greatest diploma of all the dream’s creation of our imagination.

So, believe in yourself for you are their greatest student.

If you dream it, you can be it.

Believe it and achieve it.



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